Seeing Hearing Loss

This week I’m going to refer you to a post by my friend and colleague Shari Eberts:

A New Take on the Audiogram Designed by Someone with Hearing Loss.

Her post is about Jay Alan Zimmerman’s new way of measuring hearing. He calls it the Hearing Visualizer. Jay’s idea is brilliant, simple, and emphasizes the positive. It focuses on what you CAN hear. Not on what you CAN’T.

If you’d like to watch Jay’s captioned presentation (it’s short and very entertaining, as well as informative. … Click on the video and then click on “Watch This Video on YouTube.”


For more about living with hearing loss, read my books “Smart Hearing: Strategies, Skills and Resources for Living Better With Hearing Loss” and “Shouting Won’t Help: Why I and 50 Million Other Americans Can’t Hear You.” Both are available as ebook and paperback on

2 thoughts on “Seeing Hearing Loss

  1. I am grateful to you for sharing Shari’s post. There are days when I agree that every profession is a conspiracy against lay people, including my own. We invent our own secret languages and symbols to mystify the uninitiated. It is a shame that audiologists have to sell hearing aids like aluminum siding salesmen to make a living in the U.S… Especially since the hearing loss community is among the most economically disadvantaged. But I suspect that this new audiogram would help audiologists sell more hearing aids. I also want to second the observation that including a speech recognition component is critical. I never was tested as rigorously for speech recognition when I was wearing hearing aids as I am regularly tested for my cochlear implants.


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