Surgical Masks and Coronavirus – an Update

I heard from so many people today about my column on the extra-medical consequences of corona panic for people with hearing loss that I want to link to this excellent article from Johns Hopkins about see through surgical masks.

“Transparent Surgical Mask to Improve Communication with Patients.” 

Maybe this is something #HLAA should get behind. Any patient with communication difficulties would benefit from this patient-centered innovation.

I believe there may also be other brands. Please comment if you’ve tried them and found them successful.

8 thoughts on “Surgical Masks and Coronavirus – an Update

  1. The use of transparent masks seems like a no-brainer that HLAA should absolutely get behind. They won’t solve the problem because they will still muffle voices, but seeing lips would definitely be an improvement. Medical personnel should also be encouraged to speak more loudly when wearing masks.


  2. Absolutely HLAA should get behind this. I had leukemia in 2018 and for 9 months, including almost a month in the hospital, anyone in my presence had to wear a mask. Without the window masks, I would have been pretty much unable to interact. We brought them to the hospital and gave them to everyone who cared for me. We also kept a constant supply at home for visitors. The nurses were intrigued, and many took an extra mask or two to use with other patients.


  3. I hadn’t actually joined HLAA yet, but I’m doing so right now in hopes that they’ll take this on. It’s a small thing that makes a HUGE difference when you’re sick and scared and need to be able to understand what your healthcare provider is saying.


  4. Thanks, Katherine. I did just join and see that I’m between two chapters, both close to me. One seems to have regular meetings and the other one doesn’t list them, but I’ll check.


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