One Potential Way to Cure Hearing Loss

At the end of May (May 30), a few days after Americans honored Veterans on Memorial Day, a New England biotech company announced that it had received a grant from the Department of Defense to research a therapeutic opportunity that may help reverse hearing loss.

Cochlear hair cells_Credit- W. McLean
Cochlear Hair Cells. Credit:W. McLean

A 2015 study of almost 50,000 soldiers showed that peak noise levels in combat can reach 180 dB. Combat veterans have a 63% increased risk for hearing loss. Two and a half million veterans have service-connected hearing disabilities.

Clearly there is a need for treatment.

Frequency Therapeutics based in Woburn, Mass., and Farmington, Ct., announced that it had received a $2 million grant from the Department of Defense to investigate the restoration of hearing after noise-related damage as a result of military service-related injuries.

Frequency’s Progenitor Cell Activation, or PCA Regeneration, technique, uses a combination of small-molecule drugs to stimulate inner ear progenitor cells to multiply and create new hair cells. Hair cell regeneration happens spontaneously in fish and birds, but not in mammals.

Humans are born with only 15,000 hair cells in each ear and do not develop any more after birth. Damage to these hair cells over time results in a loss of hearing. Figuring out how to make regeneration happen in mammals would be a major step towards finding a cure for hearing loss, and this goal is being pursued by others in addition to Frequency.

In December, Frequency announced the completion of the first in-human safety and tolerance study of its proprietary drug combination, FX-322. (You can read more about it here.) The drug is injected into the inner ear using a standard intratympanic injection, with the patient awake.  The Phase 1 trial was conducted at Victoria Eye and Ear Hospital in Melbourne, Australia, on 9 adults with severe to profound sensorineural hearing loss who were scheduled for cochlear implant surgery 24 hours after receiving the injection.

In the press release announcing the DOD grant, Frequency noted that the PCA Regeneration platform targets the root cause of disease without removing stem cells from the body. This avoids issues that can develop with traditional stem cell or gene therapy, which can affect cells other than those targeted. Frequency’s FX-322 awakens the dormant progenitor cells already in the ear, initiating cell division and differentiation to repair the damaged hair cells.

Frequency hopes this technique can be used elsewhere in the body as well, to restore healthy tissue, and it has a number of other programs in development including preclinical research in muscle regeneration and type 1 diabetes. Frequency plans to initiate a Phase 2 trial for hearing regeneration in the U.S. later this year.

This grant applies only to military personnel with service-related hearing loss, although of course if the technique is found to work it would be available to others with sensorineural hearing loss. More than 48 million Americans of all ages have some degree of hearing loss.


This study is one of many efforts to find a biological cure for hearing loss. I will be writing about others in the coming months. If you are a researcher with relevant information please email me at


13 thoughts on “One Potential Way to Cure Hearing Loss

  1. This sounds so promising but how long do we have to wait for this to be real. I’ve been told 10 yrs but I can’t wait that long


    • I don’t think anyone really can predict. But don’t put off getting a hearing aid or cochlear implant in the hope that a cure is imminent. The research is promising but there are many steps along the way.


  2. I can’t give you a timetable on this or any of the other studies looking for a way to cure or prevent hearing loss …. but the research is promising.
    Meanwhile, don’t wait for results — get hearing aids or cochlear implant now!


  3. Katherine,

    Thanks for once again bringing hopeful research to our attention.

    A friend gave me your book two years ago, I could so intensely relate to much of your journey.
    You inspired me to come out of my hearing loss closet and get honest with myself and others.

    I was just implanted by the brilliant and accomplished Dr. Joseph M. Chen in Toronto and am ready for aural rehab boot camp.

    Your writings continue to be a beacon of light in many ways.

    Thanks for keeping us so well informed😊


  4. Thank you for all the information on hearing loss and the organizations working on curing it. In the meanwhile continue to protect your remaining hearing with ear protection. Join Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA)


  5. That’s a great news. Hope this one will be a good success. Though I wear hearing aids, since I am not a native English speaker, hearing aids aren’t helping much (Its just 6 months I started using hearing aids) and hearing aids are really expensive 😦


    • I can imagine the difficulty. Many with more severe hearing losses have trouble understanding people with accents — So for you that would be almost anyone you speak to! Practice a lot — listen to recorded books and check yourself against a written version, try online programs like L.A.C.E., and just wear them all the time. Also your audiologist may be able to program them better for you now that you’ve been wearing them for 6 months.


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