About Those OTC Hearing Aids

Thanks to Gael Hannan for inviting me to write about Over the Counter hearing aids for her column this week, on Hearing Health and Technology Matters.


This puts together much of what I have written previously on the subject, in one tidy package.

4 thoughts on “About Those OTC Hearing Aids

  1. It’s a laudable objective of our hearing device providers and professionals to create instruments that will bring hearing assistance at different price and performance levels to those that need them. We think it’s worthwhile to carefully and accurately assess the reasons why it’s so difficult to increase hearing assistance use.

    Cost has always led the rejection explanation parade. Yet in most European countries where hearing aids are provided at no cost as part of the health care system, the adoption rate is barely higher than the U.S. If it’s not cost, is it stigma?

    Almost every hearing aid advertisement we see includes a statement that the provider’s hearing aids are almost invisible. The conclusion is that visible is bad.

    Our customers use Vanish ( http://www.HearingAidsVanish.com ) to make their hearing aids as inconspicuous as possible and they freely admit that stigma was an issue. It’s pretty important that we know what the problem is before we try to solve it…


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