Did You Grow Up with Hearing Loss? Lipreading Mom Needs Your Help with “Project Language & Literacy”

This is from Shanna Groves, Lip-Reading Mom.

My first experience with hearing loss occurred in kindergarten. When the teacher asked the class to listen to and respond to questions through headphones, all I heard through them was garbled spe…

Source: Did You Grow Up with Hearing Loss? Lipreading Mom Needs Your Help with “Project Language & Literacy”

2 thoughts on “Did You Grow Up with Hearing Loss? Lipreading Mom Needs Your Help with “Project Language & Literacy”

  1. My hearing loss was noticed by a counselor at a summer camp. At age 4 I had a 50 dB loss. The year was 1940. I remained in public school and sat in front to be close to the teacher. I was enrolled in the New York League for the Hard of Hearing where I was taught lip reading and given speech lessons for about 8 years. There were no accommodations for kids with hearing loss and most public schools systems sent hard of hearing kids to the schools for the Deaf. I am thankful to have remained in public school and it was tough. Today there are so many accommodations available for children with hearing loss who have hearing parents. I believe children should remain in the hearing world so they can learn to speak and listen. Children with hearing loss should have head sets with a volume and tone control that they can adjust manually. Hearing loss is an invisible disability and we are labeled “not paying attention”, disruptive, learning disabilities and other horrific terms. As the child learns to read Communication Accessible Realtime Translation (CART) must be encouraged. Parents of children with hearing loss should log onto http://www.hearingloss.org the Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA) and receive their bi-monthly magazine “Hearing Loss”. Your publication “Lipreading Mom” is fantastic and so important to parents who want their hard of hearing children to speak and listen but have no place to turn. Remember to turn on the captioning as every TV has this accommodation. Children can see the words when watching their programs. Thanks for listening.

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    • Hi Hermine – Thank you both for sharing your experiences with hearing loss. And thank you, Katherine, for spreading the word about Project Language & Literacy.

      Hermine, I appreciate your perspective. If you wouldn’t mind answering a few questions about growing up with hearing loss, I can be reached at lipreadingmom@gmail.com. Or please let me know the best way to email you.

      Thank you both!
      Project Language & Literacy / LipreadingMom.com


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