Say Again, Santa? Some Holiday Lipreading Advice

Santa Claus may be the hardest person on earth to lipread — or, more properly, speech read. He is, in fact, a speech reader’s nightmare, thanks to the big, fuzzy beard and mustache that obscure his lips, the tight, padded suit that restricts his movement, and his crinkly, barely visible eyes — not to mention those tinted glasses! These are all things that keep us from effectively reading his lips, face and body to figure out what he’s saying. That’s because speech reading involves all these visual clues, gleaned …

Read more about speechreading here. 

2 thoughts on “Say Again, Santa? Some Holiday Lipreading Advice

  1. Thank you Katherine for a very well written article on lipreading / speechreading.

    I’ve been lipreading all of my life and it’s second nature to me. It’s very hard to not lipread, and try to listen with my cochlear implants instead. I do agree, I think everyone lipreads to some extent, and if you do continuously, out of necessity, then you get better at it.

    Lipreading the Royal Wedding was a lot of fun! I get work in every week, often not so much fun – CCTV clips of burglaries, surveillance tapes, archival records, etc. The strangest request was to lipread a video of two people talking – all that could be seen was the back of their heads!

    Tina Lannin, 121 Captions

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