Buying Hearing Aids Should Be Cheaper and Easier

A new federal advisory report wants to make buying a hearing aid as easy and inexpensive as buying prescription eyeglasses, calling for changes to “dramatically increase competition and increase new choices for millions of Americans” experiencing hearing loss. Nearly 30 million Americans have age-related hearing loss, the report notes, but only “a small fraction” are getting help for the condition “and that rate is even smaller among low income and racial and ethnic minorities.” The report from the President’s Commission …

2 thoughts on “Buying Hearing Aids Should Be Cheaper and Easier

  1. Hi Katherine,
    I’ve had a hearing loss since birth. I’m on a fixed income with Medicare and badly need to replace at least on hearing aid. My Humana gives a 40% discount on hearing aids and a very poor hearing test.
    I’m a member of HlAA and have been since 1982 and actually met Rocky Stone in person in Seattle Washington.
    My hearing loss has affected my social life, cognitive skills, and makes me so isolated that I withdraw ffrom small groups and many conversations.
    I feel very frustrated that the medical field doesn’t understand how to communicate with me and other people with hearing loss. The doctors for the most part are sending patients with hearing loss to people who deal with mental illness and depression.
    During the summer, I was in a nurslng and the staff has no clue about hearing aids or face to face communication. If a person is not organized the staff locks a patients hearing aids up in the nurses station.
    I’ve been using hearing aids since 1982 and I just need to replace one hearing aid and can’t afford even $165.00 a month.
    Thank goodness I know a cheaper route and an audioligist who will do a thorugh hearing test. Still I’m frustrated and would like to advocate.


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