Do You Know How to Find an Audiologist?

October is National Audiology Awareness Month, which seems a good time to ask: Do you know how to find an audiologist to test your hearing or help you choose a hearing aid? If you’re unsure — or shaking your head no — you’re not alone.

In a short video I saw last weekend at a hearing symposium, a dozen people were stopped on the street at random and asked that question. Most of them had no idea: “Google it?” “Go to a doctor?” “I don’t know” were typical responses.

To read more about why an audiologist may be hard to find — and what you can do about it, click here. 

2 thoughts on “Do You Know How to Find an Audiologist?

  1. Katherine-

    I clicked on the 2 links in your email for this article and was sorry I got the following message! Anything to be done about it?

    Oops! That page can’t be found.


    Barbara Bryan

    Board Member, Hearing Loss Association of America -New York City Chapter

    Tel: 212-864-5663



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