Frustrated by Silence at a Funeral

It clearly was a moving memorial service for a longtime friend who had died after a long illness, but I sat in silence, unable to hear the poignant stories and loving words from family and friends. The problem was something I’ve encountered all too often before: A house of worship without the technology to allow those with hearing loss to fully participate. The service was held in a beautiful 19th century church in Cambridge, Mass., in an alcove that seated about …

One thought on “Frustrated by Silence at a Funeral

  1. At least one third of the people over 65, and about 10% under 65, who attend

    funerals and memorial services, have some degree of hearing loss and would

    appreciate having CART, (computer assisted realtime transcription), instead of an

    audio loop, because they don’t wear hearing aids. There are also people who can’t

    hear using a loop and need CART. CART is the “ramp” for people with hearing loss.

    It provides universal access and passive assistance. CART can be shown on a

    screen or streamed to smart phones. It can be provided by an operator who is in

    the room or by remote access, which increases the number of people available to

    provide the service. Another option, which I used at a recent memorial

    service when CART was not available, is to ask a friend or relative to type brief

    phrases on a smart phone or tablet. My friend did a good job. I got the gist of

    what was being said and was very grateful.



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