Noisy Restaurant? How to Hear Better

Are restaurant owners finally getting the message that dining out shouldn’t come with a giant helping of noise? This summer, articles appeared in the Philadelphia Inquirer, the New York Times and extolling the efforts some upscale restaurants are  making to tone down the din. Many of these improvements came after customers complained and/or restaurant critics measured the eatery’s decibels on a sound meter and found them equivalent to dining next to a jackhammer or a subway train. Obviously, some …CLICK HERE FOR TIPS ON HOW TO HEAR BETTER IN A NOISY RESTAURANT. 

One thought on “Noisy Restaurant? How to Hear Better

  1. Thank you for this excellent article! I like to eat dinner out at 5:30 PM or after
    8 PM. At 5:30 PM, the restaurants are usually not crowded. Most of the patrons leave
    by 8 PM and restaurants are quieter.


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