Everything You Need to Know About Hearing Loss — in One Easy Read

My new book “Living Better With Hearing Loss: A Guide to Health, Happiness, Love, Sex, Work, Friends… and Hearing Aids” is just what it says: a one-stop shop for dealing with hearing loss.

The book is available as an ebook or a paperback. You can buy it any bookstore, though they may have to order the book for you.
Here’s a link to the Amazon.com page: http://amzn.to/1InL9sf.
Just copy and paste into your browser.

And here’s the table of contents, to give you a sense of what’s covered.

Part One: Facing Facts
Chapter 1. I Don’t Have Hearing Loss. I Just Can’t Hear You.
Chapter 2. Get It Tested
Chapter 3. Your First Audiologist Appointment
Chapter 4. Hearing Aids: So Many Choices
Chapter 5. The Not-Ready-for-a-Hearing-Aid “Hearing Aid”
Chapter 6. How Did This Happen?
Chapter 7. Practice, Practice, Practice
Part Two: Love and Work
Chapter 8. Family Matters
Chapter 9. Dating: Who, How, and When to Tell
Chapter 10. You Gotta Have Friends
Chapter 11. The Job Search
Chapter 12. Once You Get the Job
Chapter 13. Mid-Career Hearing Loss, or, My Mistakes
Part Three: Travel and Leisure
Chapter 14. Flying and Lodging
Chapter 15. On the Road
Chapter 16. Dining Out
Chapter 17. Parties
Part Four: When Hearing Aids Aren’t Enough
Chapter 18: Roger and Me: Assistive Technology
Chapter 19: Read My Lips!
Chapter 20 What the Heck Is a Hearing Loop?
Chapter 21: Cochlear Implants
Part Five: Changing the Way We Think About Hearing Loss
Chapter 22: The Dangers of Denial and Ignorance
Chapter 23: What We Can Do

4 thoughts on “Everything You Need to Know About Hearing Loss — in One Easy Read

  1. I was very disappointed with this latest book. I expected much more information on your cochlear implant. In an earlier blog, you had mentioned you were unhappy with it. Since I’m getting one in the fall, I would be interested in your experiences with the CI.


    • I didn’t see this comment till just now, 5 months after you wrote it. Apologies. I do have a whole chapter on c.i.’s in the book. I have spent a lot of time working on listening with the c.i. and my hearing is much improved. I really recommend daily practice. Hope you got your c.i. and that you’re happy with it.


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