Hearing With a Hat

One thing no one ever mentions about hearing loss is how much harder it is to hear with a hat on. Hats are something we in the northeast have been wearing for weeks now. Sometimes indoors as well as outdoors, as the temperature drops into the minus degrees.imgres-1

I have lots of friends with hearing loss in Canada and Minnesota and I never hear them mention hats. Maybe it’s because they wear them year round and so think that the way they hear with a hat on is normal.

If you wear a hat AND live in a windy area — say just off Lake Ontario or the Hudson River (that’s me) — forget it. I haven’t heard out of doors since before Christmas.

How about that hat!

One thought on “Hearing With a Hat

  1. It’s one more challenge. I don’t wear hats but do wear ear muffs. Same challenge.

    I’m in CT for the day where it’s 10 degrees colder. Brrrrr! Are you back?

    From my iPhone.


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