Can a Vitamin Supplement Prevent Noise-Related Hearing Loss?

Interesting study from researchers at Weill Cornell Medical College and the Gladstone Institute about a vitamin supplement that protects against noise-related hearing loss in mice. The supplement, nicotinamide riboside (NR), is a simple chemical compound that’s a precurser to Vitamin B3. It works by protecting the synaptic connections between the hair cells and the nerves that carry sound signals to the brain.

The research has been done only in mice, and as we all know it’s a long way from mouse to man. If it proves to be safe and effective in humans, however,  it would be an important potential therapy for prevention and treatment of noise-related hearing loss. In the meantime, protect your ears by avoiding loud noise and by wearing noise canceling earplugs or headphones when you can’t avoid it.

Here’s a report on the paper from Science Daily. “Vitamin supplement successfully prevent noise-induced hearing loss.”

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