Oh, never mind!

Wonderful quote from Gael Hannan’s blog this week, titled “Is Our Hearing Loss Skin too Thin?” :

“In our struggles with the stigma of hearing loss, some of us for just a short time and some for a lifetime, every minor rejection related to our hearing loss, whether intended or not, can be a blow to our self-regard.  And this term has the same impact in whatever language it is delivered:

Laissez faire!   French

No importa!      Spanish

Non importa!   Italian

δεν πειράζει !   Greek

Nic nie szkodzi!   Polish

Laat maar!     Dutch

Vergiss es  (forget it) or nicht wichtig (not important)  German

Doesn’t matter!  New Zealand

But are we being over-sensitive when we hear those words?  Hearing people may think so, but I believe most people with hearing loss would agree when I say, “No, we’re not being over-sensitive. Well maybe. But even if we are, it’s tough to ignore the rejection we feel with each brush-off, each refusal to repeat what was said. When you stop us cold, it tells us you don’t value our input into what’s supposed to be a conversation.”

2 thoughts on “Oh, never mind!

  1. The question is, how do we respond to “It’s not important.”
    Should we say “It’s important to me!” or “Please tell me
    what you said so I can be part of this conversation.”
    or “I really feel left out when you say that.”
    I would like to know how other people deal with this.


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